Income and Goals 02.04.2016

income and goals feb 2016

Can you believe that it’s already a month into 2016? It blows my mind how fast time flies by!

Some of you might have noticed I didn’t share any goals for January, but that was because I was busy working behind the scenes: updating my business plan, creating new systems for better productivity, mapping out goals for the year and dreaming up new adventures. I like sharing my goals and progress because it helps keep me accountable and it forces me to do all of my monthly income tracking and whatnot, which otherwise gets pushed aside for later.

make it happen

How I made money:

Freelance Writing

I made more money from freelance writing in January than any other month! In fact, I made a third of what I made in all of 2015 in just one month. Just goes to show hard work, determination and experience really pays off! I really want my freelance income to double by March. I’m going to have to start pitching more regularly though. In January I only pitched 9 places, whereas in December I pitched about 20 places.


At the beginning of the month I sold a copy of each zine, which isn’t a lot, but I haven’t really had time to promote my shop of make any new products. On the plus side, I spent a good amount of time helping Nick reopen his vintage shop Tubular Retro and I’m sure that it will pay off! His shop had done really well before.


December Goals:

December was a lot of fun. I had amazing holidays, took time off, got a lot of cleaning done and organization. Then in January I worked my butt off at home and it paid off.

Eat healthier and stretch every morning.

I was doing really well eating healthier until this past week. And I don’t stretch enough.

Plan out 2016 business and life goals.

I defintely did a lot of planning, goal setting and organization. I completely reorganized my work space, created new systems to work more efficiently and even started using my planner.

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

This has been the most fun goal! I started hosting an annual creative challenge called Creative Chaos, which has been awesome. I also started a new blog series called Inspire Interviews. I’m also participating more on social media.

Finish first ecourse for January launch, plan next two.

NOPE. I was almost done when I decided my ecourse needed more info. This course is a lot bigger than I expected!

Get out more with my family.

We were getting out quite a bit. Now I’m back to hiding.

Try Periscope.


cole 3

February Goals:

January was a really good month, work wise. There are things in my personal life that need some TLC though. And I still need to find ways to be more productive and efficient. Always learning!

Bike 20 minutes a day.

My aunt gave me her old exercise bike that no one was using. I’ve jumped on it a few times already but I want to make it a daily practice.

Work on Tubular Retro.

Not only did I revamp Tubular Retro, but I’m also creating a website for the shop. We’ve decided to add a blog, too. We’re currently in the super fun planning stage, coming up with content and putting the site together. I hope to be done by the end of the month.

Finish the damn ecourse.

Okay, this course needs to get finished! Like, seriously. It’s been almost done forever now, but I keep perfecting it, adding more to it, and just pushing the deadline. I need to realize that it’s amazing and just release it soon!

Save money.

I need to save money so I can buy a car, pay off some debt and move. These things need to happen or I will lose my mind. Of course, in order to save money I need to make more money.

What goals do you have for February?



Introducing Inspire Interviews!

inspire interviews

Nearly four years ago I discovered a world where people were sharing themselves online – from recipes to crafts, big and small adventures, their dreams and small businesses – and I couldn’t wait to plunge in.

Now I’m a part of that world, along with many others, and it’s amazing!

Every single day I come across someone new who truly inspires me to keep going and to keep pushing forward. Their positive energy, their drive and motivation, and their pure awesomeness has such a big impact on me. I’m talking about people who started blogging about their goals, who have started a business or went into their dream career, and people who are living their lives the way they want to – despite all obstacles! Including the amazing ladies in my Facebook group, Peace and Chaos Community.

The world is a scary place, full of uncertainty and so much negativity. Every day we face people who don’t believe in our dreams, trolls and bullies who try to put us down, and worst of all, our own self-doubt and fear of failure. It’s not always easy going against the norm and forging your own path when there are so many obstacles in the way, which is why I so admire those that do.

cole bokeh

That is why I’ve decided to start sharing their stories in a new series called Inspire Interviews.

Every Thursday I will share a new interview with someone who is following their dreams, whether in life or business, that inspires me. So far I have an awesome line-up of people for the next few weeks, featuring everyone from coaches to photographers, artists to bloggers, and more.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please send me an email.

What are your big dreams/goals in life and business?



Creative Chaos February – Perzine



Sup?! It’s the second month of Creative Chaos – a year long, monthly creative challenge!

For the second challenge I’m inviting anyone and everyone to create a perzine! But first, a little refresher on Creative Chaos.

How Creative Chaos Will Work:

Creative Chaos is a monthly creative challenge that anyone can join. (Click to Tweet.)

On the first of each month I’ll share a post that describes the challenge and how to participate.

Then near the end of the month there will be a link-up that participants can use to share their creations and I’ll share a few of my favourite creations from the previous challenge. For this month, the link-up will go live on February 25!

If you don’t have a blog, no worries, participants are welcome to use the hashtag #PACCreativeChaos whenever posting any updates, stories or pictures throughout the challenge so we can all keep up with one another’s creative chaos!

The best part is, each month I’ll be giving away a prize to the creative babe who has shown the most support, participation and creativity during the challenge!

For this month, the prize will be a copy of my zine How to be a Bad-Ass, which will be mailed to the winner.

creative chaos february

February Creative Challenge:

This month I’m challenging all of you to create a perzine (personal zine). It can be about anything you want it to be, as long as it shares a little bit about you personally! If you’re scrambling for a few ideas I’ve created a list of perzine topics you can use.

Download the list here:
Perzine Topic Ideas

What is a Perzine?

For those who don’t know, a perzine is a personal zine and a zine is a self-published, small circulation work of text and images. Zines have been around for decades and vary in design, style and content. Because they are self-published they can be about anything from politics, to music reviews, to personal stories, and more. The creator has full control over what they want their zine to be about and how they want to present that information.

Typically a perzine shares a personal experience you’ve had, like my digital zine Punk and Pregnant (which you can buy on Etsy for $2.50 or download for free if you’re a subscriber to Peace and Chaos).

You can read about my experience creating my first zine here.

zine examples

How to Create a Perzine:

The best part of creating a perzine is that you have complete control over how you want to create it!

The first step is to select a topic. After decided what you want to write about, start writing!

Next, decide on how you want to present your zine. You can create a zine by folding paper in half and stapling them together, cut and fold it into an accordion book or make a mini book out of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. You can even make it as a PDF like I did for Punk and Pregnant.  To get a few ideas on how to do your perzine check out my zine Pinterest board here.

Then gather your images. You can cut and paste pictures, draw images or do it all on your computer.

How to Share Your Perzine:

At the end of the month you can create a blog post and link-up with me and everyone else on February 25 here on Peace and Chaos.

Also, don’t be afraid to share your zine, along with the process of creating it, with all of us on your social media accounts with the hashtag #PACCreativeChaos! I would love to share and promote your creative chaos!

Why You Should Participate:

I wrote a blog post on why you should write a zine, but here are a few more reasons why you should write a perzine, and participate in Creative Chaos:

  • Writing about an experience helps you remember it fondly, or perhaps work through a difficult time.
  • It’s a creative way to share a little bit more about yourself with other people.
  • Sharing an experience or personal information can help others going through something similar.
  • It’s a lot of fun!

To stay up-to-date on all of the Creative Chaos news, please take the time to sign-up for the Peace and Chaos newsletter which goes out once a month, unless there’s something super duper important to share! And – freebies!

ALSO! If you create a paper zine I would love to swap with you! Basically, you mail me yours and I’ll mail you mine :) Just send me an email.


PS Broken Pencil recently did a review on my zine Punk and Pregnant! How awesome is that?!



9 Years

in love

Today is our 9 year anniversary!

I can’t believe it was 9 years ago today that Nick and I decided to be together. At the time I thought it would be a fleeting thing, but it only took a few weeks to realize I was madly in love, a feeling that is still strong today.

So today I’ll be hanging with my hubby and our daughter, keeping it simple and enjoying one another’s company!