An Update on Creative Chaos


I announced this series, Creative Chaos, at the end of 2015 hoping it would inspire people to get more involved and connected on Peace and Chaos, while also inspiring me to do more creative projects. And so far it has!

When I started working at the end of May I stopped blogging five days a week because I didn’t have the time. With that I stopped keeping up with the different series on my blog, too. Truth is, I’m struggling to find the time to do much mostly because of this move that should take place this weekend. Moving is a big deal, and it’s a lot of work! I really hope that once it’s all said and done, I’ll be less stressed and I will have a lot more time to do the things that I love outside of work.

Until then, I thought it only fair to give a little update on this fun series.

The June challenge was to conduct an interview and share it on your blog. I feel like I did a good job of that with my short-lived series Inspire Interviews. I shared a lot of cool stories about people who do the things they love for a living. And I’m so happy to have been able to do that!

Then, the July challenge was to add a few houseplants to my home. At the beginning of July I purchased a few plants for my balcony, one of which is an ivy plant I want to put in my home office when I move. So… challenge completed?

In August I’ll get back on schedule with this series and I’ll share the challenges, and offer anyone who wants to participate the chance to share there projects, too.

For now, I have a lot of packing to do! You can keep up with things on my Instagram or Snapchat if you’d like, and I’d love to follow you, too.



Living in Chaos

cole july 2016

This has probably been one of the most exciting years I’ve ever had. In just a few months so many life-changing events and opportunities have come up and if I’m being completely honest I’m totally overwhelmed.

I’ve taken a step back from my freelance writing, blogging and even social media in general, as I try to figure things out. My goals have shifted and I have a lot of thinking to do. Except, I haven’t had much time to do any thinking lately. Between work and prepping to move (this weekend!), as well as a few other things, I’ve been really busy. When I’m not working or packing, I’m doing my best to enjoy this summer with my friends and family. After the past few years I feel like the three of us really need a good summer full of happy experiences and memories.

The amount of stress that’s been building up inside of me has me worried, though. I keep thinking I’m going to have a meltdown soon, yet somehow I haven’t yet. Other than a nasty eye infection I got over this past weekend I seem okay physically, but my mind is constantly going and going and going.

And I miss being creative. I miss drawing and writing, blogging and taking pictures, even writing in my journal. I haven’t taken the time to do anything for myself. But until things calm down around here, after this move and whatnot, I don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything more than what absolutely needs to be done.

But when things are more settled I’ll be back with new and exciting things, and just knowing that has helped me to keep pushing forward.




camping 2016

When I first started blogging I just wanted a space all of my own to share myself and my life, to be creative and write every day. I wanted to be able to connect with like-minded people, and, if I’m being honest, I wanted to inspire others.

Eventually I learned that people were making money off their blogs, and not just pocket-change, but they were able to do this thing full-time. Of course I wanted to be one of those people. So I tried really hard to write blog posts I thought were useful and important, that would get lots of views, comments and, obviously, that people would find helpful.

I realized I didn’t enjoy it as much though. I started to look at blogging as a job I had to do, and not really something I wanted to do. Because of that, when I started making money at my job out here in the real world, I stopped blogging. Cold-turkey. My inspiration was all gone and my free time was limited, so I chose to do other things instead.

Since I stopped blogging at the end of May (slowly and not really intentionally), I noticed an empty feeling and a nagging in the back of my head, that told me I had to get back online. But this time I had to do it just for me.

I have an income that supports me and my family now, and anything outside of it is just extra (money in my savings, preferably). So there’s no longer this horrible feeling of constantly having to make more and more money online just to get by, and to make it quick and fast and easy, like all of these other websites, blogs and social media posts are trying to teach me. It all began to become too much. Like a never-ending test of “am I really good enough?”

Not achieving the blog success that I was told I could have by now started to get to me. Blogs newer than mine have skyrocketed to success while I sat here trying to figure out the secret recipe. I noticed a lot of successful blogs are all about teaching other people how to be successful, but I don’t know how to do that, nor do I care to.

The truth is, I’m just floating along enjoying my simple life one day at a time. And even though all these other people seem to be racing past me, I just can’t seem to care enough to join in. And that’s okay.

We all go at our own pace, and I’m finally coming to terms that this is mine. So from now on, Peace and Chaos won’t so much be about “how to do this or that” (although I’m sure I’ll still share some of those posts), but more about living life in all it’s simple, and at times, fucked up glory – of course, with a focus on creativity, self-improvement and entrepreneurship. ‘Cause that’s just me.

Are you where you thought you would be with your blog, business or even life?



Let’s Reconnect

canada day fireworks lake

Have you ever reconnected with a friend you hadn’t seen for a long time?F

When this happens to me it always feels a little quiet and awkward at first, but then we both end up spilling out every big moment that’s happened since we last saw one another, finally followed by that happy, deep and meaningful conversation I always love and it feels like no time has passed.

Having been away from my blog for an entire month kind of feels the same as losing touch with a close friend. I hated the silence but reaching out feels forced and almost awkward. At the same time, there’s so much to say but none of it seems all that important.

But I love this space and sharing myself with the world. Plus, the emptiness that’s happened from my lack of online communication with all my fave blog pals needs to be filled. So lets get back together, let’s chat and get through that awkward silence and make our way back to the deep and meaningful conversations I much prefer to have.

When I started my new job at the very end of May I wanted to keep up with blogging and freelance writing. I told myself I would make it happen. I had kept up with it while in college full-time, juggling a part-time job, freelancing and even an internship, but working full-time is a lot different. In a way, it should have been easier, yet I wasn’t prepared for how exhausting it would be to be on a regular 9-5 schedule, plus my hour long commute. Work takes up a lot of my time, so the things outside of work got pushed to the wayside as I tried to find time to keep up with cleaning, laundry and errands.

I had to find a routine that felt right, while also getting used to being out of the house for 10 hours a day. Now that I have, I’m ready to get back on track.

First, let me update you a bit on what’s been going on behind the scenes here:

  • I’ve been working full-time at a job that’s pretty awesome!
  • Outside of that I’ve been slowly packing up my apartment. We’re moving into a townhouse at the end of this month, which I’m very excited about!
  • On top of that my little family has soaking up this sun at the lake, camping, celebrated Canada’s Day and watched fireworks, went to WTFest music festival, and we even went to the drive-in recently! Summer only lasts so long around here, so we need to enjoy it while we can :)

Because of how busy not only did I neglect my blog, but I haven’t been keeping up with Etsy shop or anything. My office is completely packed away and until I’m settled into my new home I probably won’t be blogging 5 days a week or creating anything new for my shop.

However, I do have some great things planned, including a new blog design! I just want you to know that I have not and will not stop blogging any time soon, and also, I have a lot of reading to do to catch up on all my favourite blogs! :)

So tell me, what’s new with you? What have you been up to this past month?