September Goals 2015

sid horse

August flew by way too quickly and I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. I had a good time though and that’s important. To be honest, I think this was my last summer off from work and school. Life is about to get real, man.

August Goals

Work: Last month it was important to me to begin building my freelance writing career. I had just created my second blog, Cole’s Creative Chaos where I planned on sharing my creative journey and the business side of things. Well, it was officially launched yesterday and as far as my freelance writing goes, I’ve been earning a bit more money and landed a regular blogging gig. More on that later though.

Learning: School officially starts in one week! My goal was to do some back-to-school prep work like shopping and organizing. I think I did an okay job but it could have gone better.

Home: I totally did not organize the bedrooms and the kitchen… Let’s just leave it at that.

Health: My new health series hasn’t started yet. But, now that I have Cole’s Creative Chaos, Peace and Chaos is moving towards more of a lifestyle blog like I always wanted and health topics will become fairly regular.

temp tattoos

September is officially here now. I don’t know what to be expect.

I’m going into a new program at a university level, going to try and manage two separate blogs, create new products and run my freelance writing gig. But I have a feeling I can do it. I mean, last year I worked 32 hours a week at night, went to school full-time, blogged regularly, ran an Etsy shop and did an internship at the library, all at the same time! Not to mention Sidney had a paper route we helped her right, took her to swimming and pottery lessons… Time management skills were definitely necessary to get through it.

Remembering all of that makes this next month feel possible!

family carride

September Goals

Parenting: My biggest fear with going to school and running this little online side hustle is that I might forget to give my daughter the attention she deserves. I’ve always put my daughter first, but I know from past experience that when things get hectic and I get stressed I don’t always do fun things with her. I just want to remind myself to stop going, going, going all the time and make sure I actually sit down to play with her, take her out to fun places, see family and friends and enjoy each others company.

Learning: I am so nervous about school next week. I’m taking an entirely different program, with new people and professors and I have no idea what to expect. Really, my goal for this September is to take good notes, make friends, study hard and not lose my shit.

Health: With summer vacation coming to an end, I think it’s time I get on a good schedule. A healthy schedule. I need to get up at a decent time so that I can eat breakfast, pack healthy lunches and not binge eat at bedtime! That’s a big one.

And honestly, that’s all for this month.

What do you hope to accomplish this month?



Back to School Hairstyles for the Family


Sidney, Nick and I all got our hair cut and styled this past week!

For Sidney and I it was for our new back to school hairdos, while Nick just gets his hair trimmed regularly (by me).

Getting a new back to school hairstyle was a pretty big deal for both of us. I haven’t had my hair cut or even trimmed in over two years, with the exception of my bangs. Although not getting a haircut in two years has made it possible for me to reach this amazing length, it does feel nice to get the dead-ends trimmed off and some actual style put in it.

sid back to school hairstyle

Sidney, who hasn’t had a full hair cut since last summer chose to do something pretty bold. She decided to go from fairly long hair to an adorable pixie cut! It looks so good on her, making her big, blue eyes standout even more and it perfectly frames her face.

I chose to simply get a trim and some layers on my previously-non-styled hair. I wanted to keep my bangs short and blunt across, while adding some volume and texture to the rest of my hair. I hope one day I can add some more pizzazz, like maybe some purple chunks or a buzz, but for now I want to keep it simple. Because let’s face it, I suck at styling hair …

cole back to school hairstyle

It always feels amazing to walk out of a salon with a new hairstyle, especially when you get to walk into a new school year shortly after feeling refreshed and renewed.

Do you typically get a back to school hairstyle? How often do you keep up with getting your hair cut and dyed?



Peace and Chaos is Evolving!



grow again

I’ve been busy working behind the scenes on my two blogs (that’s right, TWO blogs :) ).

And I’ve come to a very serious realization…

Since starting my new blog, Cole’s Creative Chaos, I’ve realized that I can finally move Peace and Chaos in the direction I’ve been wanting to for the past year. The thing is, I love sharing my creative journey online and as I begin to create art, take more photos and do a lot more writing, I’ve noticed that I can’t have a lifestyle blog and a creative blog all in one. It hasn’t been working out. So I split them up and both blogs will be better for it.

Peace and Chaos is now becoming the lifestyle blog it was meant to be: an alternative lifestyle blog that promotes alternative fashion, health, home decor, entertainment and more. Meanwhile, Cole’s Creative Chaos will be featuring my creative journey around art, photography and writing, as well as business.

Part of this transition will be a few new series that are in the makes. I’m also considering adding guest posts to Peace and Chaos, more reviews (products, books, movies, music, etc.), as well as tutorials and collaborations.

Therefore, I’ll be looking for brands, businesses and other bloggers to work with. I want to feature your shops, products and blogs to my readers as long as it fits in with my alternative lifestyle niche. If you think you will be a good fit, please contact me and we can work something out! Or simply fill out the appropriate form:

Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee I will feature you.

I’m excited for Peace and Chaos to finally grow into the blog it was always meant to be and I’m so happy that you’re here growing with us!