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I’m very excited to be launching my very first ebook, Capture Your Life!

If you’ve been following along for the past week you may have seen a few of my sneak peaks (here, here and here), but those are just a tiny fraction of the content that I’ve compressed into 56 pages.

Capture Your Life is a photo adventure different than any other. It’s not about the technical aspect, it’s not a manual or a how-t0 book. Instead, it’s full of ideas, stories, pictures, quotes and photo prompts to invoke the creativity in you!

It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use, whether it’s a smart phone, a DSLR, a point-and-shoot or even a disposable film camera! It isn’t about learning the technical parts but to help the reader open their eyes so that they can see their life clearly and in a more loving way.

There are three sections to this book:

Part One: What makes a good photograph? has five lessons: light, colours, shapes, texture and symbols.

Part Two: Getting Personal, which has four lessons: exploring your home, scenic trails, portraits of loved ones and self portraits.

Part Three: Putting it all Together is the smallest part, but offers ideas on what to do with all of your lovely photographs after you have taken them.

Also included at the end of the book are a list of resources and a photo prompt checklist to make it easier to go out and capture your life.

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Here’s what people have to say so far:

“I truly think these tips are going to help me capture pictures of our sweet Delainey and family trips for the rest of our lives. I’m going to go from average photographer (who has taken photography classes, but doesn’t really have the eye for a great picture) into someone who can snap tons of great pictures!” – Raewyn, Be a Warrior Queen

“What a wonderful book this is. Not heavy with the technical nature of photography, yet still filled tons of great information on light, texture, portraiture, and so much more! Her writing style is easy to read and learn from, while also being friendly and conversational.”Life Breath Present


For more information on this ebook, check out the about page here.

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Capture Your Life Sneak Peak – Part 2

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Earlier this week I decided to share a sneak peak into my new and first ebook Capture Your Life! Leading up to the launch (which is tomorrow!) I thought it would be nice to continue sharing sneak peaks to give all of you an idea of what to expect!

This third and final sneak peak focuses on Part Two: Getting Personal.

While the entire book is very informative and fun, it’s the second part that really pushes the reader/photographer to go beyond the basics of taking an interesting photo and to begin exploring themselves and their life.

The following content is directly from the ebook, but is only a small part of the 54 pages that are full of tips, tricks and photo prompts!

Getting Personal

“Photography is a love affair with life.” – Burke Uzzle

I hope you are a little more comfortable with your camera now and that you’ve taken hundreds of pictures.

Hopefully all of the previous photo prompts I suggested were not only fun but educational, too. With a basic understanding of what can make a good photograph whether it’s a bold colour, dramatic lighting or leading lines, we can now move on to the more personal part of this course.

We’re going to get down and dirty, to the nitty-gritty parts of ourselves and our lives to find out who we really are, what we really want and all of the things we should be grateful for.

You may be wondering what photography has to do with any of that but it’s actually very simple: when we take the time to photograph something we really stop to notice it before, during and after we release the shutter.

Like many creative hobbies, photography helps tell us something about ourselves.

By reviewing the images we have taken we get to know what colours we’re drawn to, different shapes and patterns we may prefer and what subject matter appears most in the images we capture. Some people may have tons and tons of pictures of flowers, cute animals and rainbows while others, like myself, may be drawn to old, decaying buildings, rusted cars and city streets.

Knowing this kind of information helps us understand ourselves better. Don’t think into it too much, but do note what colours you’re most drawn to, which shapes you prefer, what subject matter you most like to shoot. If not for more deep, underlying personal discovery, than at least to help you choose what colour to paint your bedroom or which earrings to buy. After all, if you like photographing purple flowers why not live in a purple room if that’s what makes you happy?

The next four lessons will include:

  • Exploring your home
  • Scenic trails
  • Portraits of loved ones
  • Self-portraits



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To find out more about my ebook Capture Your Life, you can read this post here.

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Rebel Book Club – The Art of Non-Conformity


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No matter what you choose to read, you can participate in The Rebel Book Club!

It’s time for another Rebel Book Club link-up!

Last month I read Carsick by John Waters, a fictional and non-fiction tale of John Waters hitchhiking trip across America.

The book I read this month is very different!

What I read this month:


I read The The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World by Chris Guillebeau.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Guillebeau and his very popular blog. He’s also written many ebooks, ecourses and two other books, The $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit.

The Art of Non-Conformity is his debut book published in 2010, based off of the content found on his blog with the same title.

There are three parts in this book: The Remarkable Life, Reclaiming Work and The Power of Convergence.

“Most remarkable people are not remarkable by nature. Instead, they made a few key choices along the way that helped them overcome their fears.”

The Remarkable Life section talks about how to create a remarkable life for yourself while still helping other people according to your own rules. Throughout this section he shares different ways to help the reader understand what it is they want out of life, not what someone else wants for them, and how to get there. He asks questions like, “What bothers you about the world? How can you make things better? What can you offer the world that no one else can?”

“To be blunt, I wasn’t qualified to do much of anything in the traditional workforce, and I wasn’t good at the few part-time jobs I held before striking out on my own at the age of 20.”

The second part, Reclaiming Work, explains that although many people have a negative view of work it isn’t because work is actually horrible, but certain jobs just aren’t suitable for certain people. I love that Guillebeau called himself “unemployable” in a recent blog post. My friend and I used to call ourselves that a few years ago. Although I completely thought that back then, I now know it was just because I wasn’t doing work that inspired me.

“To achieve convergence, two separate (but related) activities are required: saying goodbye to unnecessary tasks, obligations, and expectations – then welcoming in a wide range of other things that enrich our lives.”

Finally, The Power of Convergence is about putting it all together: work, adventure and life, to build a legacy that outlives you. He pushes the reader to really consider their responsibilities and tasks, to figure out if they’re actually worth it or not, and then to weed out the things that are not necessary. I feel many people can benefit from this advice, as so many of us often take on too much which steals our attention from really matters.

Guillebeau gives a lot of great examples on how to live an unconventional life, but mostly this book is very inspiring and eye-opening.

For someone like myself who has been struggling to find their place in a world that doesn’t always accept “different” I found this book to be quite refreshing and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels the same way!

So, what have you read recently?

Please, link-up your book review posts and check out the rules.

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The Rebel Book Club

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Here are the rules:

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  2. It can be any book from a novel, to a cookbook, to a children’s book. There are no restrictions.
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  5. Your post can include any number of book reviews from one to a hundred or more because I know some people will do a blog post on numerous books they’ve read and that’s cool.
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I look forward to discovering and discussing books with all of you!


Delightful Directory – Friends, Business and Music


February is basically over and it definitely lived up to it’s reputation of being the coldest month of the year!

There was a lot of celebrations this month as I celebrated my eight year anniversary, Valentine’s Day and my 25th birthday. But it wasn’t all fun either. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately – final school term, looking for a job, financial stress – and I’m just really looking for warmer weather and simpler days.

I did, however, find some great articles, videos and items online the past month though!

I so badly want these adorable skeleton teacups, spoons and saucers!

My new bloggy friend Raewyn now has an awesome group of contributors on her blog Be a Warrior Queen and I’m lucky enough to be one! First post here.

To be honest, this whole “sugar dating” thing kind of disgusts me.

I can’t stop grooving to the new Sleater Kinney album!

This rainbow veggie bowl looks so delicious!

“2014 turned Feminism into a brand and that’s not a bad thing”

I loved this article on a man who wore makeup for an entire work week!

Ever wondered what self-loving people do differently? Read this!

If you’re considering starting a book project, start here.

300+ Awesome Free Things for entrepreneurs.

Personally, I’ve always felt best when working a four-day work week (not including working from home which I love to do ALL the time!) Here are five reasons why we should!

Recently I’ve been making new friends and cutting out some negative people. It’s refreshing and awesome! If you’re considering doing the same thing you’ll definitely want to read this!

The still life images on this blog are absolutely breath-taking!

Lovin’ this Etsy shop, Girlie Pains!

Plus, I just want to let you know that I have another GIVEAWAY going on right now for my very first ebook! Hurray!

And, I finally made my first sale - one of these iPhone cases!

What interesting things have you come across on the web?


Capture Your Life Sneak Peak – Part 1

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Earlier this week I decided to share a sneak peak into my new, and first, ebook Capture Your Life! Leading up to the launch (which is this Sunday!) I thought it would be nice to continue sharing sneak peaks to give all of you an idea of what to expect!

This second sneak peak focuses on Part One: What Makes a Good Photograph?

The following content is directly from the ebook, but is only a small part of the 54 pages that are full of tips, tricks and photo prompts!

What Makes a Good Photograph?

“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham

There are five lessons in the first half of this book, all of which are about learning what makes a good photograph including:

  • Light
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Textures
  • Symbols

Each lesson has photo prompts scattered throughout along with examples, quotes and descriptions.

These lessons will help improve your creativity and help you take more interesting photographs. I’ll give you tips on how to harness light to change the mood of your photograph, how to use shapes and lines to create more depth, how textures can become art on their own and how colours can portray different meanings.

Remember, there are rules in photography, but rules are made to be broken. Especially in a creative activity like photography!



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To find out more about my ebook Capture Your Life, you can read this post here.

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