The Weekly #23

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Every week I set new goals and share a quick update on my life. You can read last week’s post here.

The past three weeks have been go-go-go! And I have to admit, I love staying busy! But it is a little bit tiring. If not now, when I’m still fairly young, then when? Right?

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What I’ve Been Up To:

  1. It’s been really nice outside and we’ve been trying to get out as much as possible! Even out in the rain. :)
  2. I did an interview at The Vault for school on Friday. Seriously awesome store, and I’ll be sharing a blog post on it later this week!
  3. I’ve been exploring my city a little bit more and I’ve decided to start sharing more about my adventures.
  4. My awesome friend Sarah modeled some of our vintage clothes for us and we’ll be posting them on Tubular Retro soon!

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Last Week’s Goals:

Some how, above all odds and my usual laid-back attitude, I’ve managed to stay extremely organized and get everything done on time! My school work is going well, my hobbies and family life are going well, and I’ve managed to keep my place (somewhat) clean. With help, of course, from Nick and my mom.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve managed to keep up with school and my home life, I didn’t find the time to work on my ebook at all. I’m not too worried though. I can always do it this week.

However, I did find a great print shop! It’s not in my city, but it is close by. I haven’t used them yet, but I’m going to send an order in soon and I’m quite confident that I will be happy with the results.

This Week’s Goals:

Like I mentioned above, I didn’t work on my ebook this past week, so I would like to do some work on it this week. Mostly it’s just some minor edits and a cover page. Easy enough, right?

Send my photos to get printed! Yay!

Other than that I just need to keep up with my school work and continue having fun! I’m excited to start sharing more of my city with all of you.

How was your week?


Self-Love Doesn’t Have to be All Rainbows and Sequins

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When I first threw myself into this idea of loving me for who I am, known as self-love, I found myself surrounded by blogs and people who claim self-love and offer tons of advice and personal experiences which were not only inspiring and encouraging, but unfortunately were also a little bit too influential.

I didn’t mean for it to happen, but these blog posts and people began to rub off on me to the point where I began to lose myself. I got the idea in my head that to love yourself meant you had to be this bubbly, colourful person who was also extremely fashionable, unique, outgoing and had a love for all things sparkly and pink. So not me. Not only did I begin to question myself on so many levels, but I realized that my blog design, posts and even photography was being influenced by this idea.

At times it’s good to be influenced by others. This allows us to explore different ideas and styles that we may not have considered before. But we can’t allow it to cause us to lose our true selves and what we ultimately enjoy.

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So, no, I don’t care for the colour pink. I don’t like wearing sequins or sparkles. Colourful, pastel images that are desaturated don’t do it for me. I hate white furniture. And I’m not outgoing, bubbly or colourful.

But, hey, if you are that’s great! If you’re not, that’s great, too!

Self-love isn’t a trend; it’s a lifestyle. It isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s different for everyone.

I’ve decided that I need to reconnect with myself. In order to do this I’m going to create an art journal, because journals help me think. For the next little while I’m going to gather items, quotes, pictures, fabrics, paint chips, and anything else that jumps out at me. It doesn’t have to make sense at first, it just needs to catch my attention and my affection.

There will be changes around Peace and Chaos, too, to more accurately reflect who I am and what I like.

I love the colours purple and yellow. Half of my wardrobe is leopard print, zebra print, stripes, polka dots and plaid. The other half is black. I’m optimistic, but also realistic. I enjoy movies with happy endings, but I equally enjoy movies that portray heartache, destruction, illness and other negative parts of real life. I love black and white photos. My home decor is a mix between mid-century and punk rock. And I’m an introverted, quiet, peaceful person who maybe enjoys time spent alone reading and writing a little bit too much.

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I think it’s about time I actually unraveled my inner makings to meet and greet the true Cole that’s just been patiently waiting to be introduced.

What about you? Do you sometimes lose your true self by being influenced by others? Or have you managed to find your identity and stick with it?


We All Have Our Stories

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned at school while studying journalism, it’s that we all have our own stories. The thing is, most of us keep our darkest stories to ourselves. Only when you get to know that person do their secrets come to light and you find yourself thinking, “Wow, all of this time I thought you had it made but really I had no idea.” And it’s true, most of us forget that even the happiest looking people are struggling with something.

Even though at times I want to shout out my problems for all to hear, I don’t. The entire world doesn’t need to know everything about me and what I go through. What I don’t hide is the fact that I am a parent. Not only that, but I was a teen-mom and I dropped out of high school. Twice. When I made a joke about this during one of those “let’s-get-to-know-one-another” activities, I heard some of my classmates snicker. I brushed this off because it’s been kind of the norm for a while now and I’m not ashamed of that. In fact, I’m proud to be here and that I’ve managed to overcome my own challenges along the way, which there were many.

Besides, people judge and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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But the truth is, it can still feel awkward at times. I have a difficult time talking or relating to my classmates who are generally talking about parties, part-time jobs, their plans for the weekend and just other topics I can’t actually relate to. Often I find myself keeping my distance because there’s just no point in trying to start conversation. I know this is mostly in my head and partly because I’ve tried (a little bit) to be part of the group and have had little success. Plus, I’m an introvert by nature and really enjoy being by myself most of the time.

It’s important to build relationships at school though. It makes the day more enjoyable, you have people you can call if you miss class, or need help with something and you may even make a life-long friend. The truth is, you don’t need to fully understand someone’s life or have them understand your life to become an acquaintance or friend.

While it’s true that my day looks different than their day, their’s is just as foreign to me.

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For example, when I get done school on my two half-days I rush home to work on any assignments while Sidney is still in school. After she has been picked up it’s time to clean, cook, pack lunches, yell a little bit here and there, serve dinner, clean up again, force Sidney to get her own homework done, then clean her room, throw on a movie, whip a snack together, throw her in front of the TV so that I can get whatever else I need done, then threaten her to brush her teeth, take a bath, bribe her to go to bed, read together, and flop on the couch for about an hour before I have to go to bed. Sounds fun, right? Weekends don’t look much different except they include swimming lessons, grocery shopping, laundry, the odd family outing, visits with friends (who also have children) and more school assignments (and my internship and my blog and my Etsy shops. You know, just top priorities.).

And boy, am I ever tired. But I like it. I need to keep busy to feel fulfilled.

That’s just my life though. I really have no idea what someone else’s day looks like.

I guess my point is, we all lead different lives and while it’s easier to assume or judge, it’s not right. No matter if that person is quiet and shy, or outgoing and bubbly, you don’t know what it’s like to be them, what they go through every day, or what experiences they’ve had. Let’s all just accept one another, okay?

Just out of curiousity, what does an average day look like for you?


Crystal’s post On The Fringes over at The Happy Type inspired me to write this post.

The Weekly #22

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Every week I set new goals and share a quick update on my life. You can read last week’s post here.

It’s been two weeks since the last time I wrote The Weekly. I started participating in a Blog Every Day in September challenge hoping it would help me keep up with a regular blogging routine now that I’m back in school. Even though I haven’t been keeping up with posting daily it has helped me a lot! The blog prompts are usually interesting and I enjoy reading what other people have written. However, I’ll be cutting back to two or three posts a week.

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What I’ve Been Up To:

  1. I’ve been none stop working on school assignments all week and it’s only going to get more hectic. I’m actually so excited!
  2. Friday night I volunteered at Idea Exchange to help out at Friday Night Art Live. It was so much fun!
  3. Finally, after two weeks of neglecting my apartment, I spent all day Saturday cleaning like crazy! What a difference!
  4. Nick and I went thrift shopping multiple times to find new items for our newly named shop, Tubular Retro! Big changes are on the way!

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Last Week’s (er, two weeks ago) Goals:

I decided that a regular morning routine was needed in order to have a smooth and successful day at school. Well, it worked out really well for the first week, not so much the second, but I’m getting back on schedule today.

School has taken up a lot of my time, and on top of that I have my placement hours to do, and both are time consuming but extremely enjoyable, and so, I have not done any research on blog design. Maybe this week?

I finished all of my back-to-school to do list on time. Yay!

This Week’s Goals:

Stay organized! I’m in the process of juggling a lot of things right now and I absolutely love how busy I’ve been! But it can all fall apart very easily if I don’t keep on top of things. So far using my planner every day, writing a to-do list every morning, and (some how) not procrastinating has been working perfectly. I just can’t let myself get behind.

Finish my e-book! It’s that time! I’m really, truly serious! Just a few more hours editing to be done, the front page needs to be designed, and then I will be launching it shortly afterwards! How exciting is that?

And on top of that, I have a few print shops I need to look into to get my photographs printed. I’m in the process of opening up an Etsy shop, but I don’t like the quality of any of my photographs that have been done at local places and I can’t seem to find much information on any other local places. I might even have to venture to Toronto to get this done! But I don’t want to sell anything less than excellent quality.

What about you? Any goals for this week? How did you do on last week’s goals?


My Top Five Tear-Jerkers

I’m an emotional person, but I don’t like to show it.

There are many times when I would rather get angry then to allow myself to feel sad, but I will admit, I often cry while watching movies. It doesn’t help that my favourite movie genre is drama, a genre known to portray deep emotions on every level. I’ll be honest with you, sometimes it feels good to feel sad.

Here are my top five tear-jerkers for you:
The Help

There are many reasons why I love this movie (and the book by Kathryn Stockett).

First of all, I adore that the main character, Skeeter, is a journalism graduate working her way up in the world. Secondly, I found her independence and confidence inspiring. But most of all, this movie has a lot of heart.

This movie tells the story of what it was like for African-American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960′s. Skeeter doesn’t agree with the poor treatment these maids endure every day, even though it is supposed to be considered normal. Fresh out of college and advised to write a story that hasn’t been told, Skeeter sets out to write the maids point-of-view, a dangerous job to do.

The characters are believable and touching and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried a few happy tears, and sad ones, too. Plus, Emma Stone is one of my newest favourite actresses.


P.S. I Love You

Based off of the novel by Cecilia Ahern and starring one hell of an amazing actress, Hilary Swank, and a very attractive Gerard Butler, this is a fantastic movie!

The first time I watched this movie I had no idea what it was about. Ten minutes in, after the opening credits, I was angry. “What do you mean he’s dead?!” I remember shouting. That anger quickly subsided as I was carried through the movie, transfixed and feeling deeply involved.

This movie is about the main character, Holly, and how she handles her grief after her husband dies. Full of raw emotion and excellent acting, I caught myself crying multiple times throughout this movie.



Who doesn’t love Disney movies? Each one has it’s own twisted and cruel story line, full of conflict that evidently always leads to a happy ending.

But of all the Disney movies this is the only one that makes me cry every time. It’s gotten to the point where my daughter won’t watch it any more because the one scene of Dumbo’s mom rocking him on her trunk between the cage bars upsets her too much. However, I still love this movie.

Any movie that can conjure such strong emotions is a great movie to me.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Humourous, infuriating, upsetting; this movie evokes all sorts of emotions in me. The end of this movie made me cry, but I won’t spoil how because you need to watch this movie if you haven’t already. And let’s face it, Jack Nicholson is friggin’ awesome!


Moulin Rouge

Another love story with a sad twist. Any romantic will catch themselves crying when they watch this movie. It’s more than just a tear-jerker though; it’s a colourful, humourous, and exciting musical all about
“truth, beauty, freedom and love.”


What movies made you cry?