Happy Halloween and a Happy Birthday!

Happy Halloween!

I also want to send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter, Sidney, who turned 7-years-old today!

Here are some pictures from her birthday party we had over the weekend.

 photo sidneysparty_zps80a9f0fd.jpg

 photo sidneysparty2_zps9aaf33fc.jpg

 photo sindeysbirthday2_zps857666ac.jpg

 photo sidneyparty6_zpsde2f83ad.jpg

 photo sidneyparty3_zps098f6fb9.jpg

 photo sidneyparty5_zpscd006e04.jpg

We’re also having a birthday cake this evening before we go out trick-or-treating, because chips and candy aren’t enough treats already for this birthday girl! ;)

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Peace, Cole

Delightful Directory – October

 photo pumpkins_zps12c42804.jpg

Hey everyone!

It’s the end of another month.

The weather is getting even colder, with expected flurries in the upcoming days and I’ve been staying in more. However, I’ve been so busy I feel like I’ve never known what “busy” was before this month! It’s been fun, though, and I still managed to get some online reading in.

Here are some things I’ve found on the web I felt were worth sharing!

Susannah Conway shares some great tips and advice on how she shoots pictures with her iPhone.

Halloween is almost over (boo hoo) and now it’s time to focus on the next big holiday: Christmas! Tubular Retro has already been stalking up the store with some great vintage Christmas decor like these Doubl Glo Icicles from the 1960s.

The Blogcademy released their new workshop dates and locations for 2015, as well as a new class: Blogcademy Level 2! But, if you’re like me and don’t live anywhere near any of those locations you can always take their courses online.

This month I took the Self-Guided Treasure Hunt: Collecting Color e-course by Andrea Scher from Superhero Life. So much fun!

I also took a big leap and finally opened my photography shop on Etsy called Peace and Chaos Photography! Eventually I will be adding more products to choose from including necklaces, iPhone cases, pin-back buttons and more. Please check it out!

Vivienne McMaster gets real on the topic of self-love and body issues in her post here.

This wonderful article titled Tattoo Stories was quite interesting.

Gala Darling gives some ever amazing style advice, once again!

Speaking of defining your style, what about your photography style? Great advice for people looking to hone their photo-skills.

Love this article on the “joy of missing out” by Sarah.

This is an excellent example of the kind of journalism I enjoy the most.

Time Management Tips From a Working Student-Mama

 photo timemanagement_zpsa136bd9d.jpg

As some of you know I’m not only a student, but also a mother. And I’m not only a student-mama, but also a part-time employee. And I’m not only a student-mama and a workin’ woman, I’m also an intern… Add a blog and a couple of Etsy shops I’m passionate about on top of it all, and you can probably guess that I’m pretty busy!

Actually, “pretty busy” doesn’t even begin to describe the chaos that is my life at this moment.

But despite my desperate attempts to continue juggling so many things at once, I’m actually quite happy with how things are going. I feel empowered, excited, passionate – all of this hard work will one day pay off, and the events and responsibilities that occupy my time are ones I feel deeply connected to. This constant chaos has also taught me a lot of valuable lessons about prioritizing, organizing and responsibility.

If you find yourself trying to juggle too much, keep these tips in mind:


This is the most important part of juggling so many titles at once. You have to prioritize or you will get overwhelmed and everything will come crashing down.

When you’re juggling your life out of necessity because there are no other options, you really learn to prioritize and keep moving forward. Accept that you are only one person, don’t take on more than you can handle and forget what can’t be done. I know, harder said than done. I’ve done this to myself before – said yes to too much and ended up having a complete meltdown. But I have learned from it, and I’m here to say that it’s okay to say no.


Of course, you can’t prioritize properly if you aren’t organized!

To be able to get everything done on time you have to know what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed by. I keep a detailed planner in my purse at all times, and all of my appointments in my phone. If my boss calls me in for an extra, last-minute shift, I can quickly scan over my day and let her know if it’s a go, or a no. This is where prioritizing comes in handy, too!

And organizing involves more than just your time. Keeping your home organized, your work space, your purse, your car – all of your spaces and possessions – will help you save time and energy. There’s nothing worse than trying to find something when you’re running late.

Not only is it a huge time-stealer, it really drains your energy. Have you ever tried to work in a space that was cluttered and disorganized? It’s nearly impossible to concentrate! Clear the mess, create a system that works for you and maintain it. Or at least try. I know I’m still trying.


I’d be a liar if I said I never had help. I get a lot of help from friends, family, neighbours, even Sidney. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak or incapable, it simply means you’re human.

But still, if you’re finding yourself strapped for help and have no willing family members, don’t be afraid to hire to help. A few bucks for a babysitter isn’t going to kill you, nor is hiring a cleaner, personal assistant, or whatever other kind of help you may acquire. It’s probably more worth it to spend that money on some free time rather than a new outfit, for example.

Time Out

You need to take care of yourself. Often, as parents, students, employees, people, we neglect ourselves to keep pushing forward.

Unfortunately this method can only last so long before you find yourself worn out and ready to give up on everything. I’ve been there, I’ve done it and I’ve learned my limits. What can I say? I have to learn the hard way.

So take it from me and give yourself a break. Take a hot bath, sleep in when you can, catch a movie or spend the day in your PJs. Whatever helps you to feel relaxed and re-energized is needed now and then. So do it, and don’t feel guilty!

And of course, eat nutritious food, drink lots of water, move your bod’ and get enough sleep!

Do you have any other tips/advice for those of us who like to keep busy?


The Weekly #28

Every week I set new goals for myself. You can read last week’s goal here.

My grandma is going to be coming home soon!

Also, I’ve been thinking about sharing more personal posts again. It’s what I enjoy writing about, and it’s what I also seem to get the most positive response on.

 photo weekly28collage_zps1450f302.png

What I’ve Been Up To:

  1. I’ve been taking quite a few photos lately, even at work! Work is actually a lot of fun.
  2. Sidney and I went to the Halloween comicfest at Retro Rocket Comics on Saturday. Lots of fun!
  3. I also spent some time cuddling my kitty, and you can meet him here.
  4. Just yesterday we celebrated Sidney’s birthday by throwing her a little party.

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My Friend Oliver

Last Week’s Goals:

Well, two weeks in a row I’ve been too busy to really focus on anything else except for my course load, my internship and my part-time job.

But, I also managed to get some of my photo magnets up on Etsy. Have you checked them out yet? :)

This Week’s Goals:

What can I say – I’m tired.

No goals for this week…


My Friend Oliver

It’s National Cat Day on October 29!

 photo oliver7_zps8cecaff0.jpg

Today we have a special guest on Peace and Chaos and his name is Oliver.

Oliver came to live with Nick, Sidney and I last summer when my younger sister moved out on her own for the first time and couldn’t bring her cat with her.

Within the first week I looked at Oliver laying on our floor and I said to Nick, “Wow, having Oliver here really makes our apartment feel more like a home.”

There’s just something about having an animal companion around that seems to brings more joy and comfort into a person’s life. And it’s not just me who feels this way; many studies have proved it.

For example, one study has proved that cat owners have a lower chance of having a heart attack. This could be because having a cat to love and cuddle helps relieve stress and anxiety – which are related to cardiovascular events. And while many other studies have proved that having pets, and cats in particular, are good for our health in many ways, they’re also key to our happiness.

It’s easy to see why having him around makes us so much happier. I mean, just look at his cuteness!

 photo oliver4_zps811d33aa.jpg

But since this post is to introduce you to our little, furry roommate, I thought I would tell you a few facts about our feline friend.

1. Oliver is currently three-years-old and his birthday is estimated to be at the end of August.

2. He is the most cuddly kitty I’ve ever been around and been has described as “docile”, “affectionate” and “content”, among other things, from friends and family. Seriously, though, no matter what Oliver’s up to you can simply grab him and throw him on your lap and he will get comfortable and stay there. Other times you can call him over and he will obey.

3. Oliver is a people-person but doesn’t like other animals and is even scared of little baby kittens.

 photo oliver5_zps16b726b8.jpg

4. His favourite place to sleep is in my bed, the dirty laundry pile, out on the balcony and on the couch.

5. He’s an outdoorsy type and when he came to live with us we tried to make him an indoor cat, which not only did not work out at all but he also managed to rip holes in all of our screens (the lil’ bugger). I guess determination is somewhat of a good quality.

6. As you can see in the pictures, Oliver’s fur is various shades of brown with black stripes and he has green eyes, which are slightly cock-eyed and it makes it difficult to get good pictures of his face straight-on but that’s okay.

 photo oliver_zps4303f913.jpg

7. When Nick first grew a beard Oliver became obsessively infatuated with him and Nick would often wake up to Oliver laying on his chest, licking his beard. Ever since, beard or no beard, Oliver and Nick have had a close relationship. It’s kind of annoying…

8. Oliver hates human food, except for tuna, and therefore never jumps on counters or tables, or gets into the garbage. Which I love.

 photo oliver3_zpsd23e584e.jpg

9. He likes to give me attitude though, including evil glares and ignoring me, but will still cooperate when I pick him up for cuddles.

And that’s Oliver!

 photo oliver8_zps207a131f.jpg

… giving me attitude in the above picture…

Other than him we’ve only had rats as pets. Which were amazing until my rat allergies surfaced and couldn’t breathe. Sad, really, because they truly make great pets.

 photo rats_zps124525fa.jpg

Do you have pets? What are they like?