Creativity Innovation: The Relation between the Two

What do you know about creativity innovation? Have you ever heard about such a thing, anyway? When it comes to creative process, whether it is for artistic progress or whatever creative things you have in life, these two terms are often related to one another.

For some people, these two things are deeply related while the others have a different opion. Some people one is better than the others. So, which one should you focus on first?

Creativity Innovation The Relation between the Two

The Concept of Creativity Innovation

When you have so many varaious new ideas which can actually be functional and useful in your daily life, it is called creativity. Even the smallest thing can lead to creative ideas, such as making use of the paper clip to properly set the cables or using the emptty cans or bottles as the flower vase. And these things can really improve the quality of your life, even in the smallest way.

Innovation is often referred to the implementation of those ideas. You probably have ideas to make use of the empty bottles but it hasn’t been a creativity innovation just yet if you just have the ideas without the actual work of implementing one. Innovations have been made when your creative ideas have been made into a real action.

The Controversies

There has been an ongoing debate and controversies about which one is more important. Some people say that creative ideas are more important because it will be the base of the action. The others say that innovation is more important because it is the actual work. No creativity innovation will be made when the idea remains an idea.

For what is worth, I myself believe that those two things are important because they need each other. No actual work will be done without the ideas and the ideas are made possible through the real action.