Creativity Intelligence: How the Brain Works

When you live in the world where creativity is important and you constantly need tons of fresh ideas, you may be wondering whether you have the quality of creativity intelligence that you need.

While a certain level of intelligence will help, do you think that there is a connection between creativity and intelligence. It is possible that you start wondering whether you aren’t smart enough to come up with the creative ideas.

Creativity Intelligence: How the Brain Works

Creativity and Intelligence

You need to understand that human brains are super complex and complicated. Up until now, there have been researches and studies about the human brain and yet there haven’t been any significant or exact results that can describe and explain how the human brain works.

The same thing happens to the creative ideas and human intelligence. A lot of people think that creative ideas and the level of intelligence are related to one another. The higher your level of intelligence is, the more creative you will be. Does such creativity intelligence concept exist? Can we use it to describe our natural human behavior?

Unfortunately, up until now there hasn’t been any exact scientific founding about the relation of intelligence and creativity. Some of the subject studies show a general level of intelligence and yet they are able to generate amazing creative ideas.

Maybe it is somehow related to different areas of brain that are responsible for different actions. The right brain, for instance, is believed to control intelligence while the left one is for creativity. People with right brain dominance is said to have a better logical thinking and higher intelligence level.

People with left brain dominance is said to have a better creative abilities. But such a claim hasn’t been concluded yet and further studies are still needed to prove creativity intelligence connection and describe how the human brains actually work and function.