Lifestyle and Heritage: How Our Lives Have Been Shaped from the Past

There are a lot of things happening in our society today. With everything passing by; everything going in and out so easily, it can be difficult to leave a footprint of our existence today.

And not many people understand it but there is a serious and direct connection of lifestyle and heritage that marks someone existence in our world today.

You are probably wondering what it means with lifestyle and heritage and how those things signify our existence in our lives – and how they define us. It is all related to the role we have in our society and how we try to move forward with personal development and achievement. You see, the kind of lifestyle you have isn’t only depending on your economy status or your social status but it can also be inherited.

Lifestyle and Heritage How Our Lives Have Been Shaped from the Past

Consider this scheme: You have your role today in the community and society because your parents pass it on to you. You are running the regular, middle economy living because that’s what your parents had done in the past. Everything you know – all the knowledge you have – is passed on to you from the generation above you.

Does it mean that we are stuck in the same condition over and over again? Does it mean that the lifestyle you know can be your next legacy to the next generation? Not necessarily. Everything that happens in life can change.

You are probably used to the middle economy lifestyle that has been passed on by the generations before you but if you want to make a difference, it should start from you. For the next step, the next lifestyle and heritage can change – starting from you as the agent of change. Just keep in mind that there is no such as an exact thing in life. So if you want to change, it should start from you.