Lifestyle Communitas and Human Interaction

What is lifestyle communitas? Mostly referring to the lifestyle communities, they are basically a type of gathering social group that is based on different lifestyle, life habits, life preferences, and such thing alike. Not everyone realizes that they are a part of a certain community but in most cases, we are a part of a community – sometimes more than one – with or without us realizing it.

The Concept of Such Social Communities

When we are talking about lifestyle communitas, it is basically depending on the similarities that one person share with others. Humans are social creatures; they like to interact, socialize, and communicate and it is in our nature to be drawn to those sharing similar interest and likes. We like being around people who have similar like, who share similar opinions as us, and those who share similar preference.

Lifestyle Communitas and Human Interaction

A lifestyle is included in the life aspect that will make people are bonded to one another. Those who share the high end life, for instance, tend to hang out and get together with those with similar fashion. Those who share the simple and hobo-like path of life will get together with those with similar interest.

Bridging the Gap

Does it mean that we are limited to the social norms of the lifesyle communitas that we have? Can’t you cross over and get together with those with a complete different interest and point of view? Again, humans are remarkable flexible creatures that can adapt and adjust themselves to different settings and surroundings.

You aren’t bonded to a certain lifestyle communitas but then again, it comes down to different people’s preference and comfort. Different people have different comfort level. Some are okay with different communities outside their comfort zone while the others may not have such a big tolerance level. Which one are you?