Live News : Its Importance in Society

In this modern era, where everything can be made fast and delivered in a super lightning speed, there is a question whether live news is still considered important in the industry. There is even a question whether such a news remains important, considering that the technology and the internet have made it possible for everyone to be a witness when it comes to something.

For instance, when an accident happens, you don’t necessarily read it on the newspaper or watch the TV. You can check the social media because everyone on the set would put the picture, the video, or even give a short capture that would describe the event, after all.

The Question

Is it true that we no longer need a reliable source of story or news to tell what is happening to the world? Have we gone to the pace where even a story doesn’t need to be described or told – it can tell itself through the posted images and videos?

Despite the opinions of some people that we don’t need anymore news than what it is, a lot of social experts say that live news is still needed. It holds the important role to the fact and the truth – and without it, we are all doomed.

You see, a picture can be interpreted in a thousand way – and none of them can be close to the truth. Yes, you have videos, but without the proper introduction or description, you have nothing but a moving picture. And that’s when the live news should be considered important – that’s when the role should remain. The live action will provide description, visuals, and explanations of what happens and it should happen without any bias or doubts or pretense. Sure, the world may have gone to the fast pace of technology and modernity but it doesn’t mean that society and community should be numb and heartless about it.