Love and Music : The Relation of Emotion

Human emotions are complicated and different. There’s nothing simple about it. Everything is a complicated tangled of web that requires further understanding – not a simple underlying acceptance and knowledge. And when we are talking about one of the aspects of the human emotion, love and music are somehow deeply related and there is a theory about it.

Love and Music The Relation of Emotion

The Expression of Emotion
When we are talking about human emotions, there is nothing easy about it. In the terms of love and music, they are somehow deeply connected. Music is believed to have different roles when it comes to emotion. It can be the expression of emotion but it can also be the one producing emotion. When the musician is making the music based on the feelings he has – whether it is joy or sadness or grief – the music is the expression of emotion. When you listen to a song and it can make you sad or happy, then the music is the producing an emotion – the emotion that you are feeling now.

Human Awareness and Their Development
So, what should we do about this love and music relation? Nothing, really. Our mind and brain are independent entity – they work as they please. There is nothing you can do to block your system consciously. The best thing that you can do is to accept it and get it on with it. If you are happy after listening to a song, good for you! If you are sad after listening to a song, the best way to do is to avoid it. Some songs are memorable – some people even try to invoke a certain emotion after a while – after time heals the pain. Poker88 Alternatif After all, the world can be a quiet place without the song and you wouldn’t want to live in such a planet, do you?