Creativity Art Its Perspective in Life

Creativity Art: Its Perspective in Life

If your life revolve around the world of arts and culture, you may have developed your own sense of creativity art – a certain skill or ability that allows you to generate new ideas to make your personal life, and probably professional life, to run better. So, how is the creative side of yours is […]

Creativity Intelligence: How the Brain Works

Creativity Intelligence: How the Brain Works

When you live in the world where creativity is important and you constantly need tons of fresh ideas, you may be wondering whether you have the quality of creativity intelligence that you need. While a certain level of intelligence will help, do you think that there is a connection between creativity and intelligence. It is […]

Creativity Innovation The Relation between the Two

Creativity Innovation: The Relation between the Two

What do you know about creativity innovation? Have you ever heard about such a thing, anyway? When it comes to creative process, whether it is for artistic progress or whatever creative things you have in life, these two terms are often related to one another. For some people, these two things are deeply related while […]