Your Love Story : Determining the Genre

Everyone has their own love story, do you even realize it? Everyone has their own chapter of the love journey that they have gone through. If you imagine your romantic story as a book, you probably see some of them on the shelf – some books are dusty and worn while some are colorful and beautiful. Some are dusty but beautiful and some are still open. Everyone will have undergone this path – being in or out of life. Experiencing joy and heartache are two common things in life – you just have to get yourself used to it.

Everyone’s Personal Love Story
There is an interesting theory that our love story is like the book – they are divided in chapters and genres. If your love story is filled with abuse or harsh words where you are basically hurting each other, it is like a horror story. If your story is mutually beneficial where you can get benefits from each other, it is a business story. If your story is filled with mushy words and flowers, it is a romantic one.

Although the journey of such a love story begins from something simple where there should be an attraction between the two, the course of development will be different. It is possible that you are attracted to someone sharing several similarities to you only to find that you have greater differences than the similarities. Or it is possible Daftar Poker that both of you start from the same point where all of your similarities are the same. But in the end, both of you grow and you are growing to a separate way, resulting in a different ending for both of you. In short, your romantic story is different and unique – and it takes someone special to understand it. It doesn’t take someone with similar story to match yours – it takes someone who can understand your story and be willing to go together side by side.